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iLoud Micro Monitors са два супер преносими, висококачествени двуядрени високоговорители, които осигуряват комбинирана мощност 50 W RMS за превъзходни баси, изобилие от височина и екстензивно стерео изображение. Двата му високоговорителя се захранват от ултра-ефективни усилватели на мощност от клас D, които излъчват комбинирана мощност 50W RMS. Всеки високоговорител има 3/4 „конектор, 3-инчов високоговорител с хартиено-конусовидна мощност и басов рефлекс порт с голям обхват. Той има входове за RCA и 1/8 „конектори и може да се свърже чрез Bluetooth към всяко Bluetooth устройство.


High-end sound without the high-end price

Linear frequency response. Zero coloration. Transparency. Headroom. To hear the truth, you need reference speakers that offer up. And if you work in a home or small studio you have even greater challenges, from the lack of space on your desk to the “less than ideal” position of your audio workstation, typically placed against a wall.

Now, with iLoud Micro Monitor, you can hear the truth in your music anytime and everywhere. The smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world, iLoud Micro Monitor provides you with ultra-accurate true linear frequency response with no coloration, and does so in every listening environment, especially in home and project studios. Sound too good to be true?

iLoud Micro Monitor

iLoud Micro Monitor is two extremely portable, high-performance bi-amped speakers that delivers a combined 50W RMS of power for solid bass, plenty of headroom and a stunningly defined stereo image. Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing or mastering audio, editing video, sound designing or gaming, iLoud Micro Monitor ensures your production will translate well to the huge variety of consumer devices — headphones, home stereo systems, gaming consoles, car audio systems, TVs, and other listening systems.

With iLoud Micro Monitor, you will hear the truth in your music no matter whether you’re mixing in your bedroom, mastering in a small studio or just listening to your favorite tunes at home. And best of all, it offers high-end features that can be found only in monitors in big budget studios, but without the high-end price tag.




  • Мощност RMS (Watt) – 50
  • Максимално звуково налягане – SPL (dB) – 104
  • Мощност (Watt) – 70
  • Нискочестотен говорител – 3″
  • Високочестотен говорител – 0,75″
  • Bluetooth -да
  • Честотен диапазон – 45 Hz – 22 kHziLoud Micro Monitor


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